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$ 129 / mo
  • Dedicated Hiregrowth Expert
  • Management & Content
  • 3 Posts A Week
  • Monthly Analytics
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  • Great for startups. We curate the content you provide us with and post it everyday in a timely manner to organically grow your account overtime.
  • Pro

    $ 199 / mo
  • Dedicated Hiregrowth Expert
  • Management & Content

  • 5 Posts A Week
  • Customer Journey Setup &


  • Monthly Analytics
  • Copywriting
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  • Great for businesses. We will create and curate an array of content that speaks your brand, write engaging copy and post it everyday in a timely manner to grow your account overtime.
  • Pro +

    $ 499 / mo
  • Dedicated Hiregrowth Expert
  • Management & Content

  • Up to 7 Posts A Week
  • Customer Journey Setup &


  • Monthly Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Story Posts
  • Influencer Reach Out
  • Custom IG Graphic Design
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  • Our best value and most popular plan. Pro + members work closely with their growth marketer. This includes custom requests, reaching out to Influencers, manually responding to comments or DM's.
  • Pro Growth

    $ 149 / mo
  • Maximum Growth Engagement (i)
  • 40 Core Audiences
  • All of our features
  • Start a free 7 day trial
  • Great for startups. We engage with your core audience to grow your Instagram presence and drive more Shopify sales through a dedicated growth marketer.
  • Pro Hands-Off

    $ 299 / mo
  • Hands-Off Instagram Management
  • Marketing Ad Design
  • 6 Posts A Week
  • Create + Curate Your Content
  • Copywriting
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • All of our standard features
  • Start a free 7 day trial
  • We createcurate, manage and post your IG content 6 days a week through a dedicated growth marketer. Our team, your voice.
  • Pro Growth + Pro Hands-Off

    $ 399 / mo
  • Pro Growth
    Pro Hands-Off Creative
    & Instagram Management
  • All of our standard features
  • Start a free 7 day trial
  • Our best value and most popular plan. This includes our Standard Plan and our Hands-Off Instagram Management at a discounted rate.
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    Send us an email and our enterprise team will get you started.

    Hiregrowth Features

    Dedicated Expert

    We don't outsource or hire people overseas. With Hiregrowth you get a 100% US Based expert that will be managing and growing your account overtime.

    Your Voice Our Team

    Our team will make sure what we post speaks your brand 100%. That's why we use photos, video, company slogans or any other assets you provide us with. If no content is provided, with the Pro plan we can create and curate a ton of royalty-free assets which we can blend to best match your brand.

    Strategy Call & Setup + Shopify

    After signing up, we'll jump on a call and setup your Hiregrowth account. This is a 15 minute call where we find out more about your brand and your goals. We will also guide you into optimizing your Instagram to better increase engagement, likes, and best of all conversions. If you have a Shopify account we'll guide you to set it up to compliment your Instagram profile.

    Exclusive & Limited

    Our approach is to treat each member's company/product as our own, because of this our plans are limited. This approach allows us to focus on what your matters: your product & your growth. We take a small portion of members each month and close and open registration as needed.

    Grow on Autopilot

    We manage, engage & grow your Instagram account so you can focus on what you do best. We are your autopilot for your Instagram account.

    Core Audience

    Your growth marketer will research your product or brand to make sure we target core audiences that fit your brand or product and are most likely to like, comment, follow or best of all convert into a paying customer!

    Safe, Secure and Follow Instagram Policies

    We are 100% legit. We don't do mass likes or mass follow. There's other services for that. We are 100% Instagram compliant and believe in quality over quantity. Your data is encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption. Your data is safe with us.

    Email & Chat Support

    Your dedicated growth marketer and our team is always here to help, M-F 9am - 6pm PST. You can reach us by email or through our website chat. We'll try to get back to you ASAP.

    Monthly Analytics

    Each month we'll send you an analytics report of your Hiregrowth account which will show your progress along with your growth.

    Questions? We have answers.

    How does Hiregrowth work again?

    We are a 100% hands-Off Instagram Management & Growth startup with close to a decade of experience in social media marketing. We curate your content and or create your visuals if none is provided, post, manage and engage with your core audience. Our ultimate goal is to grow your Instagram presence and drive conversions whether it's more Shopify sales, a bigger following or simply becoming Insta famous.

    How fast will my account grow?

    We cannot say how fast your account will grow. Some can grow fast and other slowly. It all depends on your product, target audience, and content. We can't guarantee anything but you can try us out for 7 days to test it out, however we recommend trying it out for 1 month to see results.

    Do you follow Instagram Policies?

    Yes, our ultimate goal is to become an official Instagram partner. We do not have click-farms, buy likes, followers - none of that. Our approach is ever changing and meets Instagram's policies. We do not use bots - there's other companies for that.

    Can I engage with my followers while you are growing my profile?

    Yes, you can still engage with your followers while we are growing your account. However, we suggest not to follow, unfollow, and or like others - with the fast method approach. This allows us to work at our optimal potential and keeps your account safe. Instagram keeps changing its algorithm so we try to make sure we stay on top of that.

    Do you buy followers?

    No we do not. There's hundreds of reasons why you should never buy fake followers regardless of what some experts may say. Our goal is to focus on getting you organic followers that are genuinely interested in your product or brand. This allows your Instagram account to become a more engaging, legitimate and reputable. Bigger conversions, more Shopify sales, and more influencer sponsorships. Quality over quantity.

    How do you engage with followers?

    We have a variety of methods that allows us to reach out and engage in a friendly way. Our main method of engagement is the content we post. With the Pro + we can setup giveaways, Influencer partnerships, Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns and more.

    We stress we do not mass comment! We do not add a billion hashtags because this only attracts bots. We also don't recommend the famous follow and unfollow method. We try to be 100% real with our approach. Engaging will then result in a follow back, like, comment or best of all a Shopify sale - if your profile is optimized for this sort of conversion.

    Do you post on stories?

    Yes, with our Pro+ plan we post content relevant to your brand and goal. This includes, photos, videos and click through funneling.

    I don't have any content, can you provide it?

    We highly recommend you gather assets such as photos, videos, and copy that we can use when we post to your IG. This allows your IG to speak your voice and creates more rich content. However, with Pro and Pro+ we do have an option to use our library of royalty-free assets and utilize our creative department. Each day we will gather content relevant to your brand, optimize and post on your IG.

    Can you make carousel ads or custom designs such as a sale or promotion photo for IG?

    Yes, with our Pro+ plan marketing design is included along with Carousel ads and Video ads.

    What makes you different from others?

    Other services are great, but we believe in a more personable approach and pride ourselves in bringing the best Instagram growth service along with the best member experience to Hiregrowth. We are U.S. based, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA to be exact.

    Our approach is always evolving and always aiming to be the #1 Instagram growth & management service that is Instagram friendly and reputable. We aren't a mass bot or mass follow company. We combine technology with real marketers to grow your Instagram. Because of this, we always have a limit to Hiregrowth accounts each month. We are human and can only handle a portion of accounts each month, this allows us to focus on you! We treat each member like our very own team member and or startup.

    Is this a 24/7 service?

    No, we work like most companies. Our hours are 9am to 5pm PST time. However, we can schedule posts to appear during the weekend.

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